Investment Resources including research, financial analysis and business plan development

Investment Resources: Business Research, Financial Analysis and Business Plan Development in the Kansas City area

You have a growing business, and not enough hours in the day. If this description fits you, Investment Resources can help:

  1. Increase your profitability by finding ways to grow smarter.
  2. Save you time looking for information and building models.
  3. Bolster your planning process with facts and data, so your projections are accurate and realistic.

Investment Resources provides research and analysis for growing companies. In short, we deliver the right information at the right time so your business can make the right decision.

A summary of Investment Resource's Services is listed below. Click here to see recent projects completed.


  • Industry specific
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market data

Financial Analysis

  • Feasibility studies
  • Projections
  • Best practices

Business Plan Development

  • Financing
  • Strategic planning
  • Expansions and acquisitions

How much is poor information costing your business?

Investment Resources knows how to unearth the information your business needs - but we don't stop there. We help you apply the data so your business grows. Lots of providers can give you information - but is it specific to your business? Do the providers understand your needs and business environment? Investment Resources can help you cut through the information overload and understand what it all means for your business.

The result? Planning is bolstered because decisions are based on facts, not hunches. Time is saved because research is left to the experts. And, profitability soars because your business is smarter. Click here to learn how Investment Resources has helped other businesses maximize their potential.

Business Plan Development, Financial Analysis and Research

Donna Gordon
Investment Resources
(816) 304-7958

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