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Below are examples demonstrating the depth and breadth of expertise that Investment Resources can bring to your business.

Market Trends and Analysis
Business Growth and Development
Work with Public Sector/Non-Profit
Re-use and Recycling

Market Trends and Analysis [top]

Comprehensive market analysis for a biomass energy firm. Complete development of a market and industry analysis for a biomass processing early stage company. Interviewed dozens of competitors, potential customers and distributors, and provided documentation on industry trends. The information was incorporated into a private placement memorandum.

Comprehensive Competitive Analysis and Industry Trend review for a niche transportation firm. The report detailed specific developments that could impact the potential for profitable growth, both positively and negatively, and offered suggestions for taking advantage of those trends. An analysis of top competitors revealed areas where the company needed to upgrade technology as well as competitor shortcomings that could be addressed in marketing and sales activities.

The client, an expert witness in the areas of software and software valuation, needed industry practices data, similar transaction valuations and other data to support his testimony. Investment Resources provided the needed information with a short turn-around time, leading to a successful outcome for the client.

Business Growth and Development [top]

Worked with a business buyer to evaluate a total of 6 opportunities for acquisition. Operational due diligence uncovered potentially costly management, expense and customer focus issues that could impact the business's future success. The client was able to make an informed decision based on quantitative facts, not owner hype.

Assisted with development of business plans for business purchasers. Assistance ranged from developing models to project future cash flows of the business to full analysis of the industry, market, competition and pricing structure for first-time business buyers.

Research potential customers to determine the best marketing opportunities. Worked with a niche provider of data analysis services to identify companies who fit the firm's target market profile, so that marketing efforts could have a laser focus instead of a shotgun approach.

Work with Public Sector/Non-Profit [top]

Life Science Census and Survey   Produced a specific and comprehensive census of life science companies in the Manhattan, KS to Columbia, MO corridor in 2006, and again in 2009. The census not only clarified the number and kinds of firms in the region but also revealed employment and research spending trends in the region. The report is available for download at

Feasibility study for a life sciences incubator. Part of a 3 person team charged with reviewing the demand for a laboratory incubator in the Kansas City area for the Economic Development Corporation. Interviewed over 50 resources in the region and prepared a comprehensive report within 45 days.

Summary of data to facilitate a strategic planning process worked with the research committee to compile and present a comprehensive outlook on the factors that would impact the development of the Lee’s Summit 360 planning process. Factors considered included economic development, parks and cultural attractions, infrastructure, public safety, budget and human services.

Re-use and Recycling [top]

Research and written report prepared outlining potential uses and markets for industrial waste or by-products
-Examine on-site methods, advantages and disadvantages
-Examine potential external markets and applications
-Review of equipment needs and technical specifications
-Review of regulatory requirements and other cost factors
-Prepare a written report summarizing all findings

Industries included:

    • Glass
    • Wood chips
    • Gypsum produced in flue gas desulphurization processes
    • Cotton gin by products
    • Wood from construction and building projects
    • Seed and agricultural by-products
Business Plan Development, Financial Analysis and Research

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