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Contemplating your next business move and need a little help? Check out these Web sites chock full of economic indicators, trend data, venture capital information and more.

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Industry Association Sites [top]

Not sure where to go first? Many industry associations provide information, surveys and outlooks for their particular industry, and can help keep you on top of changes or challenges. Open Directory project list of industry associations sorted by industry Comprehensive directory of associations, sorted by industry Chambers of Commerce Directory site which can be utilized to learn about new markets and regions - search by state or zip code

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Industry data Sites [top]

Whether you are looking at targeting a new market, or getting to know your own a little better, these sites can provide the gamut from overviews - to in depth knowledge. Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City provides information and educational resources that includes community economic development initiatives, funding sources and economic data. Federal Reserve Bank of New York provides regional, national and international economic data, including research form industry periodicals. Their economists produce publications and working papers of interest to policymakers, academics, business and banking professionals, and the general public. Government Servers on the Web Your tax dollars at work! This site is a central location for many government agency websites, such as OSHA, the census bureau, etc.  Online version of the Federal government printing office.  Enter industries to get a sense of legislation, regulation and other factors that can impact the industry Low priced market research studies for many industries. Reports include data on firm size, market segmentation, and financial benchmarking.   Industry overviews and reports on various industries. Industry Resources Reports list resources available from trade associations, industry publications, and research firms which address subjects such as industry overview, issues, trends, and outlook, financial benchmarking, compensation surveys, and valuation resources. Harris poll site- while the site does not provide free access to poll results, you can subscribe to or download newsletters with that provide insights on various markets and industries.


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Public Company Information Sites [top]

Even if you're a small business, information about the performance, financial results and achievements of the publicly traded firms in your marketplace can provide valuable insight. Corporate Information provides subscription based services on global and national public companies, but also click on the ‘research links’ tab to see a directory of sites for specific countries and industries. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) EDGAR database and Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) SEDAR database service on the Web, with billions of links added to the SEC/CSA documents and exhibits to enable easier navigation This is the complete database of all company SEC filings, and is free to all users. However, the search engine is less than reliable and may require some patience to find what you are looking for. While there are dozens of sites that provide quotes, Yahoo Finance is still the best place to find a wide variety of information about a public company, and it's much less populated by ads and pop-ups than other free sites.


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Public Policy [top]

Part of knowing your industry and your marketplace is understanding the public sector issues that can and will impact your bottom line. Here are some links to help you see what the government is (or isn't) doing on your behalf. This site is devoted to keeping policymakers and business leaders informed about issues related to national competitiveness. This site offers a wealth of economic data. Central clearinghouse for information on Kansas programs, business information and business incentives in the state. Central site for Missouri information for business owners, including business solutions and programs for MO businesses  Kauffman Foundation site featuring research and information on entrepreneurship. National site for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a nationwide network of not-for-profit centers in over 400 locations nationwide, whose sole purpose is to provide small and medium sized manufacturers with the help they need to succeed. In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, this site provides legislative information from the Library of Congress. Great for researching bills, laws and testimony pertinent to your industry.


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Funding for Business [top]

Show me the money! In over ten years of working with small business, finding and securing financing is always one of the top 3 concerns I hear from small business owners. The Money Tree Who's getting funded? The MoneyTree Survey is a quarterly study of venture capital investment activity in the United States. The Foundation Center's Web site offers some of the best general and specialized information retrieval tools on the Internet. If you're looking for information about foundations, you've come to the right place! Includes grant search feature, formerly free, now fee-based. NVST is an Internet hub (or portal) for the worldwide private equity and finance community. The website provides online access to Venture Capital or Merger & Acquisition investment opportunities, professional journals, research databases and educational resources for professional training, can subscribe montly or annually.  This site provides a free directory of funding sources based on your area, business size and funding needs. It also provides links to business resources in your area such as Small Business Development Centers, and Economic Development centers, and has some great downloadable guides to business funding options.  SBA Loan programs described. This site is the most complete source I have found for identifying Angel investors, includes a directory of members investor groups. Gateway to SBIR funding solicitations. SBIR funds small business innovation and research. Various government agencies will post solicitations for the kind of research they are willing to fund.


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Information You Can Use [top]  North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) has replaced the U.S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system.  Use keywords to identify NAICS codes for your industry. SBA guide to starting a business, including information on business plans and online business planning workshops. This site includes all of the business tax forms, instructions and publications along with the new tax law changes for the year. Also on this site: information on starting and structuring your business. Address and Zip+4 lookup  The “wayback machine’ on this site can take you back to see what the sites looked like in the past, or how long the site has been in existence. Current guide on HOW to search not just WHERE to search


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