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As a business dedicated to data and analysis, Investment Resources understands the importance of results. Read how we've helped other companies translate data into success.

Client 1: Expansion

  • Who: Promotional products company
  • Challenge: Rapid growth and overcrowding were starting to impede the business. Also, despite a spike in sales, profits remained slim. Would an expansion provide the payoff the company needed?
  • Action: Investment Resources examined the feasibility of outsourcing specific functions. The research revealed that low profitability was a result of the company's gross margins, which were well below industry average.
  • Result: After assessing the data, the company moved to a larger facility. Investment Resources then helped the business restructure its commission. Within three months, margins increased two percentage points. Profits tripled the following year.

Client 2: Acquisition

  • Who: Independent business investor
  • Challenge: The client was considering the acquisition of one of several businesses. But would they provide the return he was seeking?
  • Action: Investment Resources performed operational due diligence examining the expenses, opportunities for growth and management.
  • Result: The research uncovered costly issues that could impact the future success of the business. The client was able to make an informed decision based on facts, not hype.

Client 3: Consulting and Process Improvement Firm

  • Who: Project Manager
  • Challenge: The client was faced with a project workload that meant deadlines were approaching without all of the resources needed to complete the project.
  • Action: Investment Resources provided an industry analysis, with a report detailing all of the options available that could be presented to the client on a turnkey basis with no additional edits or corrections.
  • Result: The client was pleased with the results, and proceeded to the next level of the project with the assurance that their choices had been validated with realistic data.
Business Plan Development, Financial Analysis and Research

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