Below are example projects demonstrating the depth and breadth of expertise that Investment Resources can bring to your business. Don’t see your project here? Contact Donna Gordon for a customized outline for you!


Enterprise University

I’m excited to announce that my class, Industry Research: Do You Know What You Don’t Know? will be featured at this Spring’s Enterprise University. April 7, 8:30-10:30 AM now as a webinar due to COVID-19 concerns. Registration is free at

  • Industry Research: Do You Know What You Don’t Know? Many business people who have spent a decade or more in an industry are confident they know the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities their business faces. However, industries change, new competitors enter, and consumer preferences shift. Join us as we discuss industry research approaches to ensure you are staying on top of your game, whether you are an industry veteran, or looking to branch into new territory.
    • Gain a broader view of your industry and avoid confirmation bias
    • Evaluate your market and competitors by cultivating new sources
    • Develop a research plan that helps overcome information overload

Business Bootcamp Presentation

Mid-Continent Public Library and the Lee’s Summit Chamber hosted the Lee’s Summit Small Business Boot Camp. My presentation covered research on the 3 major e-Commerce markets: Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B) and Consumer to Consumer (C2C); as well as reliable sites for information, and suggestions for best practices in understand and using the data. The presentation can be downloaded below. If you just want a list of links for more information, please click the second link.

Market Trends and Analysis

Market definitions for a tool manufacturer –  Research the size, breadth, competitive structure, and growth projections for several segments of the woodworking tool market segment. Provide an analysis of customer buying segments and pain points with growth projections and factors that influence purchase decisions.  

Comprehensive market analysis for a biomass energy firm – Complete development of a market and industry analysis for a biomass processing early stage company.  Interviewed dozens of competitors, potential customers and distributors, and provided documentation on industry trends.  The information was incorporated into a private placement memorandum. 

Market analysis for a transportation products company – The client had developed products and technologies and was seeking to understand the size and breadth of the market, and trends in companion product usage in order to utilize development dollars most efficiently. Reviewed customer demographics, purchase options, and competitive products to help understand an effective go to market approach.  

Business Growth and Development

Market evaluation for a UK design firm – Produced comprehensive review of medical device market segments to narrow the market focus and guide business development opportunities for a UK company seeking to expand their US presence. ies for acqu

Development opportunities for an engineering firm – The company was seeking to develop opportunities in a new market and wanted a better understanding of potential projects and development partners.  Utilized phone and web research to develop an opportunity map of potential prospects, and prioritized those prospects based on criteria developed in partnership with the client. The company was able to utilize an effective approach to developing new relationships and prospects.

Developed a comprehensive market scan for a consumer products company – The company was seeking to expand their presence in several existing and new markets. Researched and developed a matrix to evaluate the attractiveness of six market opportunities in support of a broader strategic plan. The matrix provided insight into drivers in those markets and helped guide the company’s efforts in marketing and product development.

Work with Public Sector/Non-Profit

Life Science Census and Survey – Produced a specific and comprehensive census of life science companies in the Manhattan, KS to Columbia, MO corridor in 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015 & 2018 for BioNexusKC.  The census not only clarifies the number and kinds of firms in the region but also reveals notable regional developments, employment trends and research spending trends in the region.  The report is available for download at

Asset Mapping Project and Database –  Led a project team to research and complete a comprehensive inventory of information related to the agribusiness, biosciences and health industries in Iowa. The result was a dynamic database detailing companies, resources, and university support for these sectors to be utilized as a tool for economic developers and universities in the state of Iowa.

Summary of data to facilitate a strategic planning process – Donna worked with the research committee to compile and present a comprehensive outlook on the factors that would impact the development of the Lee’s Summit 360 planning process. Factors considered included economic development, parks and cultural attractions, infrastructure, public safety, budget and human services.


Research for author of a book on aging – The author was seeking additional insights regarding public policy, data and analysis illustrating the implications of an aging population, and its effect on workforce, housing, availability of care, and case studies that highlight best practices. 

Research support for an expert witness – Provide research support to the client who is an expert witness for software valuation cases. Support includes obtaining and analyzing competitor and market data to form the basis of the valuation, reviewing and organizing documentation and producing quantitative data to support the valuation process.