Results & Testimonials

Investment Resources understands the importance of results. Read how we’ve helped other companies translate data into success. Donna Gordon has helped businesses, associations, economic developers and consultants find the critical data needed to move their goals forward.  Contact Donna today to learn how you can get the insight and data you need.

Client 1: Market Focus

  • Who: Transportation Market Product Developer
  • Challenge: Company wanted to expand their presence in the US market, but with limited resources, wanted to focus on the segments most likely to be profitable
  • Action: Investment Resources examined underlying industry size, structure, and drivers. Further examination focused on the market characteristics, demographics, pro’s, con’s and usual market channels for 4 different transportation market segments.
  • Result: The company was able to move forward with expansion plans with a clear understanding of the benefits and potential downsides in each market segment.

Nancy Falconer, Falconer Holdings, LLC I highly recommend Investment Resources.  Donna listened to our data research goals, gathered copious amounts of information, and organized it into understandable formats.  She discussed the research with us in person and helped us form plans for the future.  She even introduced us to other helpful contacts for our business.  Donna’s interest in our success was obvious!

Client 2: Business Development

  • Who: Design firm looking to expand the US Market
  • Challenge: The client was looking to define the market segments that best fit their expertise in order to target and focus sales efforts effectively
  • Action: Investment Resources reviewed various market segments to determine pain points, regulatory and competitive environment, growth projections, and opportunities.
  • Result: The research allowed the company to approach markets they were well equipped to serve, with an understanding of key issues to address so that they could land new business.

Roddy Fisher,  Customer Introductions International
Donna and Investment Resources came recommended to me, in my need to engage a resource to provide market research services, for my client, a UK based design agency, interested in knowing the size and dynamics of the US medical device manufacturing industry. From the initial set up meeting, and through her regular updates, Donna provided detailed insight to the supplied brief, as well as additional articulate thinking and introductions to key people of value to the project.  I thoroughly recommend the services of Investment Resources, not only for extrapolating the required data requested, but also for bringing meaning to the findings, and introducing unconsidered, exciting possibilities for the client.

Client 3: Consulting and Process Improvement Firm

  • Who: Project Manager
  • Challenge: The client was faced with a project workload that meant deadlines were approaching without all of the resources needed to complete the project.
  • Action: Investment Resources provided an industry analysis, with a report detailing all of the options available that could be presented to the client on a turnkey basis with no additional edits or corrections.
  • Result: The client was pleased with the results, and proceeded to the next level of the project with the assurance that their choices had been validated with realistic data.

Jim Eschrich, Eschrich Research
Donna was indispensable to a project that for me anyway, lied in uncharted territory. She brought to this project her years of experience & judgement, attention to detail and a can-do attitude that made her worth every penny I paid her. I highly recommend Donna for these qualities… and more!